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We all are growing, moving towards our desired destination, trying to achieve on our goals – the ones we feel will give us happiness & satisfaction. This process of growth & achievement takes time, effort and is filled with trials. It is important to not lose focus – keep sight of the destination. 

To get what we desire we put in hard-work, gather knowledge, sharpen our skills. Many a times, we get mentors that have walked the path before and can impart valuable advice. 

Advice can also come as feedback – both positive and negative. We feel reinforced by positive feedback – it is human nature to seek validation. On the other hand, negative feedback has exactly opposite effect – it can make us feel dejected, unsure & discouraged. 

The attitude with which we take the feedback decides how it impacts us. Consider negative feedback as another opinion, rather than taking it personally. This attitude will help you see things in a different light – it will broaden your perspective. You may find solutions that you had not thought of before.

You don’t have to act exactly according to the feedback, but always consider it. Keep it with you. You can apply it when, how & how much required. A variety in thought process always enriches us.

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